Jun. 17th, 2012


Jun. 17th, 2012 01:37 pm
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So, I have decided to set aside time to write a few goals for myself.  Being that I am almost out of the black hole of (mind blanks)......payday loans, I want to be sure that I am spending my money wisely.  Granted, I went out with a friend on Friday, but I didn't order out Friday like I wanted to for dinner.  Also, I saved $$ by not going to Conduit ($20 to be exact).  I may end up doing my laundry here, or I may do it at my parents house Wednesday.  I am save BOKU $$ by going to my dad's mechanic instead of trying to repair the breaks with a local snake oil salesman er car repair shop.

1. Revamp the kitchen.  Get out all of the old ingredients and get new ones.  I so need baking dishes and baking accessories.  I don't have many people to cook for, but I have many guests that I would love to invite over.

2. Redecorate my apartment.  Mainly, the living room is drab and dull.  Get new chairs for the kitchen table.  Possibly a new area rug.  I may end up just using nice computer chairs, since they are more versatile.  Also, I want to get wooden TV trays.  Finally, I need to actually price shop for a flat screen TV.

3. Finish reading, "Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships".  They actually have a list of 10 rules for social relationships.  Good book so far.  

4.  Buy one new bra/ paycheck.  I am so low on bras, and the ones I have are so old.  I would buy more often but seriously, one for me cost $40.  

5. I'm already working on this, but I want to improve my credit score.  I am currently working on paying off all debts right now, as I cannot tell what the future will hold, and I'd feel far more confident if I could do that.

6. Also, I wanted to start hiking and walking more.  I am already slowly focusing on eating, and my body is working to assist me with this being that I get physically ill after eating most "naughty" foods (overly fried, sugarly foods) these days.  

7. After all this, start to save $$.  

8. After I have some $$ saved, I want to work on getting new shoes.  Feels like I have 10 of them but a lot need replacing.  Plus, I have no "going out" special shoes so I definitely need a new pair of those.  

9.  THEN, after all this is done, I can work on girly things.  I have new lipstick, mascara and eye liner.  I am already slowly purging old fat clothing from my wardrobe.  I want to buy more flattering things which are my style at Torrid.  


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