Jun. 28th, 2012

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Everything's Better and I'm not Happy )
Oh shit. I just aquired 9 bottles of differently flavored Faygo. Bwaha Whoop Whoop

Trust me when I say, this is a major life event for him.  Probably far more excitement than his two month relationship with a "Juggaposer" who later slept with a toothless whore and her "man".  Ugh, and I had to hear about it.  Exciting.  But then it got me thinking.  I sit and worry about money that I don't have trying to pay bills that are not due, as of yet.  Yes, this paycheck will be tight.  I have to pay my cell before I get it shut off and I also have to make a payment on my One Firestone account.  Oh, and rent.  Ugh.  But I should have $$ left over, and this is still far better than where I was at two months ago, paying on all of those payday loans.  Anyway, just one more month of this and I can start to live semi-normally again.  And my credit rating will improve.  I can do eeeeeeet!

Maybe if I thought of things from a far simpler perspective, I could be good.  I could never totally live like him, as a vagabond with no formal home, no car and no licence.  No job except odd jobs, and no bank accounts.  He goes to his grandpa for his cash.  (who probably puts it in a bank account.  Unless he has a special mattress for this sh*t).  But maybe, being happy for the simple things in life.  

Or, to put it another way:


So damn true!!  I remember the rotary phones and being amazed at answering machines.  LOL I thought we were rich because we had it.  So true: "It is an amazing world and it is being wasted on the crappiest generation of just spoiled idiots."  If my former SD could implant her phone in her arm she would and it would STILL not be enough.  And the phone is "too slow".

And now I feel better.  I am not as broke as I thought, and even if I am brokedy broke, I got food.  I got water.  I got gas in my car, that is being fixed.  I have a job, and if need be, I will suck it up and get another job.  And take more Topamax, which I have decided to use in case of emergency as a Xanex.  Seems to do the exact same thing on a much less stronger level.  (This according to the 
U.S. National Library of Medicine - The World's Largest Medical Library's website.  Interesting: It works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain. (Same sentence from both drugs).  Lord knows I need the occasional Xanex with the job I have, and reading stories about actual live zombies:


This was a horrific crime and I am not taking away from the homeless man's suffering.....So please

tell me why this line from the article makes me laugh, "A p
olice officer responding to multiple 911

calls shot and killed Eugene as he crouched over Poppo, reportedly refusing to stop the gruesome

assault by growling at the officer with Poppo's flesh in his mouth."

I should know.  I have an overly visual mind.  I know this.  And still, I read the story before bed.

 LOL now visions of people growling at police are in my head.

I need another goal when it comes to writing.  Starting to get stories in my head again.  Want to

write about them.  Just need the time.  Well, maybe this broke time is a good thing.  Well, I gotta

go to sleep.  Going to work an hour early to make up partially for leaving early.


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