Jul. 3rd, 2012

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Ho hum....sitting in my apartment.  Not watching any fireworks but the ones on my Facebook feed.  Well, let's think about the GOOD things that have happened recently.  

1. The water's back to being drinkable at my job!!!  Pretty soon I was gonna start digging holes to find a damn water source.  It still has a nasty yellow tint, but I'm still alive.

2.  I got tomorrow off.  I hope I remember this tomorrow morning.  The way my short term memory has been, I doubt it.  (What's that leafy green vegetable in a can, Popeye used to eat.....oh SPINACH!!)

3. Warded off a big financial issue.  I found out I was supposed to be billed for something tomorrow and I called up in time to delay the payment.  I sure do hope the customer service agent did his job.  I really am not trying to be broke, and I am not trying to get a payday loan.  

Ok, so I was in the supermarket today, and I was about to buy more food, and then I stopped myself.  With the amount of food I ate today, I should be satiated for the rest of the day (I was a pig) but I felt like eating and eating.....so instead of wasting more $$ on food, which I tend to do.....and I thought about WHY.  WHY would I be stuffing my face even more when I didn't need to...where was this stemming from?

Well, I was homeless for a bit.  And when you are homeless, you do eat everything in site.  And I tend to do that a lot, thinking that I not encounter food for a while.  So, now you can say, I have a HUUUUUGE surplus.  I wonder if that still creeps into my thinking? I know I am a stress eater so that is definitely part of it.  But I think I have to do that from now on.  I hate overalalyzing things, but if I am going to eat healthier, I also need to eat less overall.  I think it will also help me in hiking in general.  It is a lot easier to hike around a skinny person rather than a fat person.  Duh.  

Well, looks like I got all day and tomorrow to think about it, don't I?


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