Sep. 8th, 2012

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I wanted to devote an entry to the weird dream I just had.  And since the weather is going to be crappy, and I am broke anyway, let's do this. The main characters in the dream were: a character played by Miley Cyrus, but with her new haircut.

She was in the dream as some badass Michelle Rodriguez type of character. She was seemingly helping another female escape from her boyfriend. When I started the dream, her and the girl were standing on a very busy street where it seems everyone was commuting to work. The girl, who looked just like a younger version of a cousin of mine, was obviously very nervous, as if she was worried about someone finding her. You can tell she was the victim of physical abuse as well as being locked up. She was scared crapless of being out in public, and really scared of what was about to transpire. I believe she had long, medium brown hair, and brown eyes with no bangs. She wore a black broomstick ankle length skirt and a gray hoodie. So, Miley Cyrus's character and her were walking up the street, and they seems to be talking, making preparations for this trip...all of a sudden, Miley sees something in the distance, like a familiar white older model car. The girl she was with starts to tremble, and Miley hands her a dark colored backpack. The trembling girl starts to walk with the crowd, as if to catch a bus....and fades off into the distance. Miley looks again at the white older model car (for some reason, this isn't a busy street in terms of cars). Sure enough, it's a tall white guy with short brown hair, baggy jeans and a white hoodie. He is smoking a cigarette and has a mean grimace on his face. (He looks like a guy I know from PA, who is my friend Saliva's boyfriend. He looks tough when you first meet him but is a totally cool guy). He seems to be looking for someone in the crowds, growing more and more pissed off when he cannot find this person. Miley goes off to the side, behind a hill. She also has a gray and black backpack on her. She seems to point what looks like a gun with a scope at him, but in the end, the man is not shot in terms of a gun shot. However, he does lie there lifeless after he was shot. The car stops, and Miley drives off in the car. Of course, nobody in the crowd questions this or calls the police; as a matter of fact, all this is taking place in front of the crowds eyes and nobody bats an eye, and if what they saw happened in a parallel universe. (This may seem strange, but lemme tell you; commute to NYC every day of your life and you develop the same blindness as well. Maybe not to a murder, but to a dope deal, or hookers, or children smoking on the street, yadda yadda.) Miley drives the car, and the driver, to what seems to be a deserted area of the outskirts of a city. One side is totally empty and the other side seems to be the outskirts of suburbia and industry. Two people come along, one male and one female, both seem to be dressed in an emo type of style - jeans, boots, dark colored hoodies and t-shirts. At this time, both Miley and the driver are in the back seat of the car. The two kids walk up to the car, looking for a joyride, and Miley invites them in. The car drives off, and they are driving into the country. Where there seems to be "nothing" but rolling hills of land. There are no houses, and trees in the distance (but it seems to be less forest and more hill country area). In the middle of joyriding, Miley's character throws her backpack out of the car. Soon after, she crawls out the back window and jumps out of the car. The car drives off into the distance, and Miley's character walks off. Weird that I would have this graphic of a dream, and remember it in such detail. So I had to write about it.


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