Dec. 26th, 2012

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 First of all, I would like to state "Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day" to whoever celebrates these holidays.  My Christmas spirit, already at a low point, was completely sucked out by my boss today.  Don't you just LOOOOOVE that???  What is even worse is, alot of my difficulties with her stem from the fact that I am a very literal person, and that to her, I can't "take a joke".  

So I came into work all happy today from seeing "The Hobbit" in IMAX 3D HFR.  I was happy knowing HFR means I can now watch 3D movies without getting dizzy.  I was happy that I was getting the day off tomorrow (now today), and I was super excited to see a trailer for "Star Trek: Into Darkness" because it showed Noel Clarke in the movie :).  I was being SUCH a fan girl, all "It's Mickey!!!".....and while I was telling my story, my boss made sure to yell out, "Hellooooo!!  Can we get some work done so we can all go home early??"  Well, thanks for killing my Christmas spirit, Pigface.  (Pigface is the nickname for my boss).  My boss likes being rude and loud, especially after she has a fight with her family on her cell phone.  I've learned to ignore, ignore away.

Later on in the day, she comes over to ask all of us what time we would like to go home.  I myself don't want to go home early because I got a lot of work to do, but I also understand that we have to do everything as a group.  So, I merely said I would go along with the group.  She gets snippy and alludes to the fact that she can't wait to get a "new Team".  My one worker asked her about that, since she is one of those people who says, "Syke" after EVERYTHING, so you don't know what she is referring to.  She finally stated, "it means just that"

Coworker:"So are you going to a new company or are you saying we're getting laid off."
Pigface: "You read into it what you want.  You always do anyway."  (WTF???)
Coworker: "I mean, should we be updating our resume?"
Pigface: "I would...." No "Syke" this time.

So of course my stomach got into a ball of knots.  My coworkers were trying to tell me that she was just saying that to get everyone to behave better at work.  But I still cleaned off my desk.  Hey, if I am going to be laid off, I'd rather just walk out the building rather than clean up my old desk."

I never know what to make of this woman.  She likes talking in "jokes" all the time and we are just merely supposed to KNOW what the hell she is talking about, just supposed to "get" all of her references even if I lead a TOTALLY different lifestyle than her.

And now, instead of thinking about Christmas and joy and all that, all I can think of is, "What next?"  I really hate that she speaks in riddles.  I spoke to my stepmom, who promised that I could work for my dad until I got another job.  (Lord help me if I ever....but still).  I already have my resume updated, now I need to start sending it out.  I guess it would make no sense to send it out tonight but still....Asap sounds good.

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