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I so want to repost this on my Facebook.  So badly.  But alas....nudity...

I was feeling depressed.  Had a daymare (bad daydream?) about my dad and Thanksgiving, and him slowly losing his mind....even though I can totally see he is physically improving from the Chelation Therapy and Acupuncture, and he seems to be happier spending all of that time in Otter Lake, where he is visited daily by my Aunt, and Uncle, and the other family.  I know he can stay there technically until November 1, 2012, but he will probably return home mid-September, after my Aunt goes home to Texas.  This daymare was after my stepmom was no longer in the picture, either by death or marriage.  

Anyway....I know I am depressed.  I have had a hard week.  My stupid computer is acting up BIG TIME.  Phone is acting up.  Mercury retrograde sucks.  It can't end soon enough.  And the biggest killer is work.  My coworker WR is gone for the last week and a half.  I'm responsible to do his job, well most of it, and mine.  I'm supposed to do less work but lets face it; it is summer and everyone in the Department is on vacation, or sick.  And then Wednesday, we found out that one of my coworkers got bed bugs.  And they are worried that he is going to contaminate the rest of us so he has to work from home the rest of the week. (there is a HUGE bed bug problem in NYC, and while he does live in Staten Island, he ALSO went to Harrah's in AC, NJ last week.  And Harrah's is a hotbed for bed bugs apparently, according to all of the review sites online).  And since he was doing my coworkers job before I came in.....I had to come in early.  9-7 for Wed-Fri.  I'm trying to remain positive.  This is a good thing.  It's 4 1/2 hours overtime.  Yay!!  That's $$.....and I need $$ so badly.  The other part of this is having to clear off everyone's desk that was off.  a total of 5 desks....three for 1 guy!!!  Insane.  


Seriously this pic doesn't do the mess justice.  What you can't see are the colonies of dust monsters in back of his monitor...and shit all over the place.  And so you don't think I was just being a bitch taking this pic....he is an anal retentive OCD dickwad when it comes to people touching his I took a picture so I knew where to put everything.  My boss now insists I leave his stuff out and force him to file everything on his desk.  The pile of paperwork on, in, and underneath his desk had to be 6 feet high.  

The asshole bully coworker is off, and that is a GOOD THING (hehehe, he's going to Harrahs in AC....yeah craziness).  My cowoker CT was out for two days dealing with her mother's sudden heart attack (I did call her, her mom is ok).  And Fatty McGee was out for one day dealing with wife's surgery.  Skanky McPoopcake was there.  We actually had a good conversation.  I really do enjoy talking to her, when she is not being an arseface in front of the other guys.  She was totally obsessing over figuring out the difference between love and infatuation.  I decided, and told her, that her guy seemed to be in love with her, but he is stuck in guyland.  (  The man is 31 years old, no job, lives at home with mom.  Not trying to look for a job since parents have $$.  I asked her....."Do you want to be 30 and living at his mom's house?  After you moved out of your own parents at 19?  Really?  Temporarily, yes, but permanently?"  Ugh....shudders....visions of living with SOB in ex-MIL's basement...Anyway....she agreed but is going to roll with it for now.  Her ex is still living with her, and this new guy took his relationship status offline anyway....without letting her know.....yeah.  I don't miss being young and stupid.  But I do miss being in a relationship.  

Anyway....I gotta wake up early.  Saturday is busy.  I got a ritual at night.  Not sure if I am going to the Pagan picnic during the day, or taking advantage of being near my favorite beach (Island Beach State Park); even if it means going alone......which I hate doing to that beach....even if it is a family oriented beach.  Anyway.....ugh.  Bedtime. One more day


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