Aug. 8th, 2012 03:14 pm
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So I was in the middle of working on a Spanish client (this is a normal day for me) and I realized that while I was on Topamax, I had to use the so-called translator website much more often then.  Now, I write everything down and just use it as a Spellchecker.  happy my skills are returning.  then that asshole coworker laughed as I was speaking Spanish to practice.  I'm pretty sure it was a coindence as I was speaking quietly, and his only claim to know Spanish is that his wife is half puertorican/African american and her grandmom speaks Spanish in her house.  I know he knows the usual-greetings, curse words, and references to sex drugs and violence. so how much he can speak it in a business setting, I got no clue. 


either way, it bothered me i cared about his opinion.  for goodness sakes, I got a bilingual coworker who obviously respects my knowledge enough to use some of my vocabulary (I've known this man since I got here and wished he was in DEF longer.). why do I care about THIS assholes opinion?  eh, whatever.  I just feel so much better that I don't need to use that translation site like a Damn crutch.  especially since translation sites in general are crap.  This one I found is at least decent.


as I sit here and complain about the Spanish customer, my brain starts to write a new client in Spanish - only that client is purely enlgish speaking.  Whoops!!


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