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and they wonder why I hate my job......


So, yesterday Pigface intimated that it is a bad thing I am talking with my coworkers.  I am trying to socialize with my coworkers, which is what I thought she WANTED.  No.  She is afraid I get "offended".  I finally told her that the only thing that truly is when he calls me a racist.  and isn't joking about that. because there is no defence to that.  I'm not the type to say, "I can't be a racist; I have black friends.". sorry.  she said nothing back.  whatever.


so today I came in and Skanky was asking me distances from various cities and.freaking out at the distance.  so I finally asked what she go see.  "the Jason mraz/ Christina Perri" concert".  ok...not really my cup of Tea in terms of concerts but whatever.. so my asshole coworker, who of course never heard of any group outside of rap/ hip hop/ r& b asked what he sounded like.  I pulled up a YouTube video for him, he listened and stated the following:


Typical white people music.


So being that I am so used to him polarizing the races, i played it off by telling not to insult me, that my music is far more hardcore.  he's like, "I don't listen to that either.". I don't give a Fuck.  I just don't want people to think I listen to soft music.  I mean, I do, on nights.when I just need to chill out and get rid of a headache.  but not to go to a concert.


I really should be more offended by his racist fueled idiocy...but I'm just done.  ugh. 


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