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 I was about to fall asleep.  But after talking with GK today, seems that I am having painful breakup flashbacks to both my SOB breakup (and that night, having to fall asleep with no radio and no laptop, no sound and not having changed the locks I know what transpired that night and while I felt sorry for the hapless women involved, I was SO glad to know SOB was stuck in the middle of a snow field.....dumb ass.  *snicker*.  Oh, and of course the breakup with the POS herion addict that I loved when I was 24....

Anyway, GK finally kicked out her baby daddy/ boyfriend today.  Cops took him away and everything.  Apparently, he is a drunk and drinking all the time around the baby.  And getting high, again in front of the baby.  This is not a good situation.  I kinda was waiting for it to happen.  I think it is kinda cathartic, for her, that it happened on Yom Kippur (she was raised Jewish).  I asked if she wanted to stay over here just to get away from the house, but the baby was already sleep.  I am scared for her.  He threatened to kill her several times.  Granted, he was drunk, and he got drunk because she told him "not" to (because GK had a friend over with a 4 yo girl), but still.  He is normally not like this.  GK is going to get the locks changed as quickly as possible, but for tonight she has chairs in front of the doors.  Her bedroom doors do not have locks.  I would be super worried that he would come and take the baby - especially since baby daddy's mama blames GK for "provoking" him.  As if he was a robot incapable of making decisions.

On top of this, I was arguing with the EX about the damn sweet 16.  He states I can come.  But get this - I can't sit with him.  I need to sit with SD and her 16-yo friends.  He said this because I had mentioned that I didn't feel comfortable with any of his family members since, well, me and him are broken up.  (The only "family" he has that I am cool with are his family friends in Texas...and well....they are in TX).  Anyway, after listening tom him whine, he finally broke through and said that we were friends.  And that is it.  And at first I was upset by this....but mainly only upset because I realized this was his way of controlling the situation.  Truthfully, if he was to get a GF at this point, I would not be upset at all.  But still

Besides this and dealing with my family tonight at Yom Kippur....Yeah I need to go and hide from the world for a while.  And this weekend is booked.  

But I guess I got some good news.  My credit is improving.  I got approved for a Wal-mart credit card and a line of credit at my bank.  Not that I plan on using either of these any time soon.  But I need to know they are there.  Maybe NOW I can get rid of all payday loans.

Sorry but as a testament to how RANDOM my mind can be.....I mashed up

THIS:  with


And amazingly, playing them simultaneously works....weird.


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