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My  friend recently reposted hers.  So I figured that I should do the same.
Edit: I was told I was reaching too low.  I want to keep the bar higher than before but I also don't want to seem like I'm looking for Mr Perfect.  Just....Mr Perfect for me.

My future husband/ love of my life.


In terms of looks:I don't think I have that many requirements.  Then again, who knows

 - Tall!!  At least 5'9".

Yeah, that is about right. I have dated some ugly mother fuckers so looks don't bother me much.  Oh, wait

 - Teeth.  He must have all of them (real or realistically fake)   Preferably white with no real bad breath. 

 - Cleanliness

- Weight.  I am not picky.  I just hope he is not skeletal in term of being thin, nor can he be Manuel Uribe fat.  He must be mobile.  I will be working on my weight after the new year.  

 - Recently, I have talked with anyone from "White" to "African American" to in between.  I have a preference for "in-between".  

 - Must have hard grasp of proper English language.  Bilingual (Spanish) speakers preferred.  I would LOVE to have a bilingual household; yes, my Spanish is rusty but I get lots of practice.  

 - Minimal to no use of weed and drug free.

Above all, as long as there is a "spark", I am good.

Most requirements that I do have are about his personality:

 - He must be compassionate.  And kind.  Not as ridiculous as I am but, at least understands why I am kind.

 - He must be patient.  At least with me, his family, animals and children.

 - He must be honest.  Not tactless, but honest.

 - He must be trustworthy!!!  I am not doing that again.  If he feels at all like a "gaslighter" or a guy who talks in circles, he is not for me.

 - He must respect me for who I am and yet encourage me to be my best.  I will return the favor. 

 - He must be self-reliant to an extent.  

 - Going along with respecting who I am, he must respect that I need my alone time as well as time to be "Introverted as I wanna be".  I will respect his need for football/ hobbies/ nothing box and whatever he likes to fill his "nothing" box with (the "nothing box" is a reference for time spent doing nothing but unwinding and nonstressful thinking). 

 - He must love animals.  Would be nice if he liked animals more than people.  Oh, and I have a cat.  She isn't going anywhere and neither are her claws.

 - He must be even tempered.  I will not date an ogre.  I will not live in fear again.

 - He must be intelligent.  Please note that I read profiles.  And while I don't expect everything to be grammatically correct, if I need "Urban Dictionary" to translate your profile.......I don't want to speak to you.  Would be nice if he was creative but hardly a necessity. 

 - He must like the outdoors.  And traveling.  This includes random road/day trips to places that remind me that NJ is this weird bubble of excess everything.  And camping - there is nothing better than for me to camp outside under the stars (on a mat; I AM 35).  Doesn't have to be tent camping, but I can't afford anything bigger than a "pop-up" at this time.  Bonus points if you know what a pop-up is.   For the record, I hate hotels.  I can't afford more than a 3 star and the ones I do find always extra "guests" (oh, the stories I have).  

 - He must be sociable to a degree but over his "party animal" ways.  We're talking "social drinking".  

 - Would be nice if he had a sense of humor, with appropriate limits.  But at the very least, he must be able to accept my ability to laugh at 98% of life's situations.  

 - He must love kids, because I WANT KIDS.  Yes, it is a crazy dream of mine, at 35.

Other features I will be looking for, but are not "required".  I guess he must be at least useful in one of these:

 - General maintenance repair "handiness". 

 - Car knowledgeable.  

 - Computer Skills.  

 We must have plenty of the same interests, including music.  But, differences in certain areas are a good thing, since I love learning and being exposed to different types of music and hobbies.

Religious preference: For practical purposes, I could not date a strongly focused Christian or Muslim simply because there is too much conflicting religious beliefs.  If he is atheist, he must respect my Paganism.  Any other religion, or lack thereof, is welcome. 


He must also respect that along with the introvertedness comes the over sensitivity to people's emotions.  I
figure this is a bonus for him, since most men like their alone time, like their time for hobbies, and dislike conflict almost as much as I do.



 - He must have a career that he is set in.

 - He must be a good work ethic

 - Financial Security a big must



 - He either must have one, or live in an area easily surrounded by PT. 



 - He must either have one, or at least many years experience living on his own knowing what a budget is and bills are. 

 - If he does live at home with his parents, there must be a good reason



 - He should be adventurous. 

 - Along with sex, must enjoy cuddling.  And being affectionate.  Because I do.

 - I have yet to meet a guy NOT into my ahem, bedroom manner but still....kind of a given.


I don't care if he has kids.  Somehow, I want kids in the mix; I would like my own, but I am also realistic at 35. But adoption is always an option.  
I do care if he has hard core BMD.  Get that shit settled.  And the divorced finalized.


This is all my brain has at the moment.  I am trying to go through my friends list to see if I missed anything.  Also, feel free to comment on anything I may have missed.


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