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 My friend told me with all of the recent writing energy that I have, I should work on writing a novel.  Well, that's a little daunting.  Yeah, I can write a poem or two but even those took me hours to write.  The novel would take weeks, months maybe.  Not that this is a bad thing....not that I should not try.  But there was a reason I stayed as a call center agent.  I was trying to keep my workload a little less stressfull.  But maybe I should go for that analyst gig.  I am good at overanalyzing, and less stress over things.  Although, I would wonder what would get me laid off first.



Anyway.....if I was to write a novel, it would probably be some sort of road trip novel.  Two young adults.  Falling in love.  Staying in cheap motels along the way.  Meeting very interesting people (my friend Spawn would make a GREAT side character). 

If I had to pick a main would probably be a man who looked like Bruno Mars, but taller.  (Because, well, most of my exes were of color).  The other thing that draws me to Bruno Mars is that, well, he doesn't look "tough".  I didn't want a "tough" looking male main character.  I mean, he could probably hold his own, and seem formidible if necessary, but I wanted the main male character to be someone that seemed, well, approachable.   Oh, and the guy looks freaking handsome in a suit.  (Sure the song "Gorilla" had something to do with it.  And no, I don't feel bad about making a relationship work completely due to sex.  Lots of Hollywood, and Spanish foreign films, have tons of romances completely based of hot sex.)

I can't say I am totally infatuated with him.  Sorry.  He's too....pretty?  I think he's gonna come out one day, as day.  But as a main character?  I can see him being totally likeable.

The dapper Bruno: 
The brooding Bruno: 

Weird thing about the internet.  You don't know someone but you can see their entire family online, through videos.  In a way, this is totally cool.  I know I live in NJ.  I know that the rest of the world looks at us like "NYC's garbage dump"  (that's Staten Island).  Weird to hear the mother say, "I will remember this for the rest of my life."  And her life just ended.  Bruno's mom going back to the Phillipines to see him in concert (wow, she just died too.  Embolism.)  See him perform with his dad.  See a LOT of Hawaii, and not through freaking tourist pictures.  Just actual video from people who LIVE there.  Trying to get a feel for the man.  And the Hawaii lifestyle in general.  That laid back attitude will be a key component for this main guy character.  While it can be very trying at times for the female lead's, this same laid back attitude will also keep her grounded, and keep her sane.  It will also bring a new perspective (for example, is it REALLY that important to buy that??)

OK, for some characteristics.  He probably seems like a bit of a player at first.  In reality, he is a nice guy whose heart belongs to the one woman he thought he could never have (this would be the female lead's character).  Very passionate about life, but not about work.  He kinda has to be pushed for that.  Unsure if I will have him like music....but it would be a good reason for going cross country.  From NJ to California.  So he can get discovered on Hollywood Blvd as a musician.  I'll think about it.  Even tho IRL, the man can play every instrument, for his character I'll just have guitar and possibly harmonica

I wasn originally going to say that the female would look like Kristen Stewart (she plays an "everywoman's" character well) but....she could also look like ...a toss between Nikki Blonski and a young Ricki Lake.  The idea is that she is a little big, and this is a major issue for her.  But she is  a otherwise successfull student who feels that she failed miserably at life because she couldn't fulfill her dream. (Yes, sound familiar.  My dream was just kinda low.)

Nicki Blonski:

Another pic: 

Well, it is almost 4AM.  I can dream about this.  And hopefully, write another love story.



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