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To be fair, she was not so much pissed that I confronted him as much as I did it on "the care floor".  Because I had time to pull him into a conference room at that appropriate moment.  Anyway...she asked me what happened, and I gave my side of the story.  I walked in, she was at a meeting, Big Head asked me about taking one for the "Team", and I said, "It's kinda hard to feel part of a team that does everything to remind you that you're not a part of it."  And then it started....

Then she has the nerve to tell me that 4 other people said I just "butted" into the conversation.  And apparently she believes it because I have butted into conversations before.  While I understood that I did so-called "butt in" (why the fuck is it butting in when I do it and "joining in the conversation" when nobody else does it?) a few conversations many months ago (been working on this Aspie trait hardcore), this was not one I wanted to be a part of.  Big Head specifically asked me about it.

So, of course, I was upset.  Then she asked "Why?".  Well, DUH!  You just called me a liar without saying the word.  And well, whatever came out of it was something far more professional but, similar in nature.

My boss then realized that she has never seen me so damn pissed before.  I was agitated and I repeated, "No, Big Head is a bully."  She then took a different approach (which was good because I was ready to jump over the table and tackle her).  She asked me WHY I felt that he was a bully.  WHY him?  And I said it was the intention behind his words.  He says things and does things very maliciously.  Tho I did give him credit.  Ever since that day, he has not said one word to me :)  So my message somehow must have gotten across. :)

Then she had the nerve to ask me why I don't avoid him more.  I asked her to clarify.  Well, I walk past him on the way to my desk.  Also, one day while he was standing at her desk (a right granted only to King Big Head), I walked right past him.  She asked me "Why Did I do that?"  and I didn't understand her question.  She said, "Because when I hate someone I avoid them.  I make three lefts to avoid walking right into them.  I want to be as far away a physically possible from this person."

What I wanted to say: "Because I am not in the 4th fucking grade avoiding a boy because "he has cooties".  And the fact is, I got better things to do than play fucking games."

What I did say: "Because I don't hate him.  Hating him would mean I feel passionately about him, and I feel nothing for him.  Nothing.  At.  All." 

As I said, I give him credit.  He has not said one word to me.  And come to think of it, barely anyone else on the team has either.  It is great :).  Actually, I appreciate that more than when Big Head comes and puts his hands on my back because he knows it makes me cringe.  Or when he asks me what I am eating for the 50th time.  He only asks the two fat people about that.  Oh, and Skanky McPoopcake.  Mainly because she complains about how many fat rolls she has (she is *maybe* 10 lbs overweight.  SHUT!UP!)

So, after speaking about it with my mom, I am thinking about having another meeting with my boss about it.  I would gladly put it in an email but I also don't want to give her more "ammunition" against me.  I want to basically set the record straight - I AM NOT the problem.  If you want me to feel like part of the team, stop with the "clique" bullshit.  I am different.  Doesn't mean that you have a right to mock me for it.  Unless I can strike back.  I think the main issue may be that people seem to think I am their "friend" there. And I cannot make it any clearer.  We are not friends.  If I was your friend, I'd actually get invited to Poker nights and "Guys Nite Out" like Skanky McPoopCake and such.  But I don't.  And I don't want to be.  Don't get it twisted.  But don't bullshit me and then call me your friend.  

I do want to have a second meeting with her, I just wanted to collect my thoughts first.
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I was at my job today sorting out customer complaints and something caught my eye.  2 people called in today stating that they wanted our company to stop running ads during Glenn Beck's show.  That he is a racist.  That he and all of FOX NEWS is sending our country into a Nazi hell.  Normally that stuff just makes me laugh; the way I see it, how did they customer know he was a racist bigot unless they watched his show?  But it was weird to me that 2 people called in, one after another.  So, I found out a bit of information about it:

The first link was the actual video referenced in the boycott.  The second one is a link to explain the controversy and the boycott.
I don't know if I agree with Glenn Beck i general, as I don't have cable tv so I don't watch FOX news unless I am over my parents house (forced viewing).  What bothers me is that Al Franken can publish a book about "Lying Liars" and Keith Olbermann can spew leftist hatred all he wants and nobody boycotts them.  Ever.  Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist and supposedly, 20 sponsers stop running their ads on his shows.  So, when did freedom of speech become a freedom for only the left wing?  This makes me so mad.  The worst part is, trying to explain this to anyone else (but on here) and people at my job thought I was a racist myself.  

So far, only thing it did was boost Glen Becks ratings, and the sponsers who said they pulled out actually never played ads there to begin with.  It just gets me so mad that people forget freedom of speech is a right for ALL..... 

As I posted in my Facebook today: believes that freedom of speech should always be a right. Even if you don't agree with the pinhead who said it. Anyone who acts on those words blindly should be shot and neutered.
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Well, I'm just a girl, in the world, in a rasberry swirl.

Woke up this morning with my car on "E" and it don't mean enough. So, Had to stop and get a 1.25 of gas. Yes, $1.25 of gas. Not that you have not done that before!

The started to rock out to John Mellencamp and Kaylynn called to check on Ira's herbal supplier. She cannot find anyone who sells any herbal essence. Guess the economy affects us in ways we would never know. To think, I thought herbs were a recession-proof business.

SO got himself an interview. Does not seem to understand that you still job hunt after scoring an interview. I know he does not want to work for a "Regular" company, which is fine. And I don't blame him. But, desperate times calls for drastic measures. At least pick up your last paycheck for crissakes. So I can pay for my bills.

So, why is Whitey McJoker doing a jig? What causes people to do such things on spur of the moment's notice?

SO was watching the "Posiedan" adventure, 2006 version last night. It was a compromise between the horror movies with nakes chicks that Ira likes and the movies that I like. Well, it only increases my fear of traveling on a boat, in the middle of an ocean, that the boat can just fall into the sea and capsize. I cannot even look at the sea without thinking about that. There is no way I could ever ride in a submarine for the same reason. Well, I would work on these fears but honestly I don't think I will ever have the $$ to go on a cruise. And that is ok with me.

So, I been thinking about the whole Jon Gosselin thing. Tha man becomes famous for being a "Family" man, makes a lot of $$, then takes this $$ and spends it on a $1 million apartment in Manhatten, over 3 hours away from his kids. He spends his time partying up in style, overseas and spending $$ on lavish gifts for his bimbo of the week. To me, that explains a lot as to why Kate was such a "bitch". I mean, I would be if I had 9 kids to raise, one of which I was married to. I could sit and critisize her for putting her kids in front of the camera like that, and although I would bever do that myself, who am I to say? I mean, she is getting a ton of $$ from the network, that is $$ that could be placed in a college fund for the kids. I hope someone is watching out for them, and not just TLC.

SO has a job intervew on Thursday. Which means that there maybe a chance he can still go to Texas. But if he does it will be a shortened trip. GREAT! I hope that by dumb luck this job starts late Sept but I would never be that lucky. So, this means I have 8.8 days, still, to use by the end of the year. Well, I guess this works out, since we will need those 10 extra bonus days next year for moving and such.

Still trying to figure out why I still like watching the movie "Twister". I already understand the troubled souls aspect of this. Helen Hunt is a troubled soul,, and she needed Bill more than she wanted him. I guess in the movie, it kinda changes and she sees she does not need him (hence the fact she signs the divorce papers). But then you see that Bill needs her in his life just as much if nothing more, then just to harness the unique gifts he has.

I am also starting to think that Helen Hunt's character is a bit Aspie. I understand that something happened in her youth so that she would be fearful of tornadoes. Most people move on, and mayve move to an area where tornadoes are not possible. She spends her whole life obsessing about them. Not only does she face her fear head on every day, but she actually punches the core of a few tornados. Also, Bill does mention in the movie that although she is very good at chasing otrnadoes she is in fact lousy at doing every day things like maintaining a house or doing anything normal. She has to find a way to reconcile the two. Of course, one does not see this in the movie since the movie is all about Twisters, not people.

One of the ways I find it fun to get through my day at work is to try to picture the people I am talking to on the other side of the phone. Some people are nice, some people are plain evil. Most people are pissed off when I talk to them until I calm them down at reassure them that I will assist them. In this case, Heavenly Hale aka LaFawnda Jackson gave me such an attitude it was not funny. prolly did not help her causse that she lives in the Bronx, and most likely grew up there (nobody movres to the Bornx out of "Will"). I could just see her on the other end of the phone. Cigarette on one hand phone in the other. Housecoat with flowers on, rollers in her hair, with mile long fake nails. But she broke by us. Gotta love it.

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So, I had a very active and interesting weekend.

Friday night: Starschmucks coffee house in Warren, NJ. I went to see my fruiend Kokopelli perform. I wish I would have brought friends, but hey; it 3as a good excuse to continue reading, "Sacred Circle". I want to implement some of the things really sooon; however, I woul d need to create an alter that was rather inconspicuous for SD not to go blag over to MIL about my religion. But anyway, the concert was nice. I got 4 free comedy club tickets out of it, which I ended up having to give away to friends, since they were for Saturday night. And on Saturday...

60th wedding anniversary.

Someone just sold me their dignity for $50. I would have given them the credit anyway, but I almost didn't after I had to listen to her cry for 5 minutes.


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