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So, like, I have been stewing all nght about Tiara abnd her internet situation. I wonder if this is why her grandmother/father took away her computer in the first place? I guess than it would be beneficial that she uses their computer to monitor the use of all of her internet sites. If it were me, I would not want my kid to have their own computer until they are about 13 anyway, possibly 16. You would not allow them to just run around the mall alone, woul you? I don't get it. But anyway. Ira thinks it is her sister's doing,t hat she is too innocent fdor this. Jenn thnks it is her sister as well, since one of Tiara's listed hero's is her sister (strange for a 12 yo). But rather than work on my first instinct, which was to completely strangle her, I want to kind of assist her in navegating the waters. And if she wants her own myspace, she can change it to be 14 & under rather than 34 years old. So, another requirement is that I have to be friends with her so that I can see her profile. I want to know what she is doing at all times.

Funny how my mind can be so easily distracted with shiny and exciting objects. My Avon order came in today, yaaaaaay!! It's like a present, but you bought it yourself so you KNOW that you wanted it in the 1st place. Oh, yes, and it came wuith....BUBBLE WRRAP!!! now I gotta find a way to poop this wrap without being to conspicuous!

yesterday was fun until the discovery of the internet. Tiara and I went to an "outdoor festival" in Turkey Swamp opark in Freehold. She had fun climbing the rock wall, and we had fun taking a boat out o the lake. abnd we especially had fun Kayaking.


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