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Depends on who I am buying the gift for. Isn't that horrible? But I can be so lazy when it comes to gift giving. Actually, no I am very good at it. If I have to say, for a grab-bag type thing, give a gift, when I don't know the person, I either ask friends or family (like I did at my last job) what exactly they would be most happy having. For example,the guy I got at my last job wrote down "Vodka". After verifying w/ his family that he was in fact 21 (helps when they work there as well), I asked for the best frand of vodka and was told Grey Goose. So, he got a medium sized bottle of Grey Goose. That lasted as long as the Christmas party, but hey! I knew he liked it! Luckily the opinion of my current job about Christmas is that religion and the workplace do not mix and therefore this grabbag thing does not occur.

I like the reaxtion of the gift giver, and I realize that if the thoughtfullness (not the $$ value of the gift but the thought) is not reciprocated I get pissed. I was happier one year when I got 2 gifts for V-day; one from a guy who was sleeping in my living room a few nights a week from work (strictly friends, and I was SUCH and idiot not to try to take thinds further) and my then friend w/ benefits. The FWB got me a nice red velvet box (the pagan in me made me keep that box for later ritual) with a black faux croc bag and "Diamonds" the perfume from Elizabeth Taylor. I am SOOOOOO not a perfume person and the faux croc bag thing was sheap looking so I could not even use it as an evening bag. But hey, we were only dating like three weeks at the time so I did not hold it to him. I graciously accepted that gift, knowing full well this would be the most expensive gift I ever got from anyone (sad) and whenthe time was right, gave away the perfume and the bag. The sad part is, I verified through a prior conversation that he did not have "Scarface" and that he did not want that movie, and got him that movie for Valentines day. Well, since it was only three weeks, so I could not get him a lovey-dovey card and a gift card to the love store!! He liked it. As for the friend who slept on my couch, he knew I was on a diet and got me sugar free candy. I loved it!!
Yeah, so for the planning, I make sure he is not getting the same thing from anyone else, I make sure of his likes and dislikes, and then I go for the gusto!


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