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Just sitting here at work, trying to stay awake. I just had Kathy(my roomie) visit me for three hours. She is great to talk to because I can mention anything to her from tarantula pubes to the Simpsons, and she can understand my mind. Right now, I am making business/club cards. They are easier than trying to give someone your number. not that I have found anyone worth giving my card out to.
I cannot wait to get off this schedule. Maybe my brain will be able to function then. By the way, Michael was doing very funny things on Friday. I'll keep it clean and won't mention much else, except that Chris walked into my work with a megaphone shouting about a vaginal yeast infection. Well, you will be hearing fro me soon.
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Well, it is now 7:15AM in Kinko's. I have nothing better to do than to do a journal entry? I am sure to find a better way to wreak havoc. Seriously, I cannot wait, as my friend Mike is coming down from California to visit. After I sleep in my car for a few hours, I will go home and confirm him a call. I wonder what he'll do tonight for fun.
Walk around with a stained maxi pad on his head?
Yell about my supposed 'vaginal yeast infection'?
Fart into a megaphone and then say, "My BALLS itch?"
Well, I guess you'll have to find out tommorrow...


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