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Ok, so I went back to bed, and, took a shower and....could not stand the light anymore so I called out of work.  Funny.  I feel so guilty calling out, but at the same time the last time I called out was in August when I had the stomach flu.  And then before that?  August 2009.  Wow. 

I did finally got back to sleep after I called out of work.  I had a hard time falling asleep since, kitty literally fell sleep on my neck and purred in my ear (like she know of my headache.  amazing).  which was cute.  But, I finally got up again at 1 PM (drinking lots of water is not helping my headache like I thought it would) and my SO was home.  It rained and work ended for him.  He went to sleep til around 5PM.  I went to sleep til around 3:30, when I discovered that jackass aka SO placed the temperature to around 80 - and I am wondering why I cant sleep and my head is pounding.  I lowered the temp and opened a few windows. 

Then I cooked some scalloped potatoes and baked brownies.  Then I called my stepmom and she wanted to set up an appt for the makeup.  She wants to get makeup for SD instead of the crap makeup she has.  SD and MIL were invited but, MIL declined.  I went to call SD and MIL about the date; now at this time, my headache was mostly gone away except for the migraine "aura".  Well, apparently, MIL went on a road trip.  She was mad at SD.  For something.  And SD cried and MIL got madder.  And hearing this, my headache came back.  I really hate MIL.  I was doing good there for a while but, the way she uses this child for power, and she's got another one lined up; SO's cousin's son.  she spoils him rotten and he loves it.  Oh well.  Not my issue.  Although everyone else thinks it is.  Anyway...

I cannot think of this.  Or that my 2 week vacation, which I was hoping to use it for an actual vacation, will be used to move somewhere.  And that I have to use my $$ and tax return to get a new place.  For goodness sakes, I hope SO at least puts up half the $$ for this place.  Cuz I'm broke. 

I guess I have to look on the positive.  I am living.  Moving.  Walking.  And this will all be a big learning experience in why NOT to get married or at least be careful before you do.
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I havce so much to do, so much to say, so much to clean, so much to vent about. And right now, my mind is but a blur.


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Ahh that was nice to get out after stewing about this all week. Wow. 3AM. Apparently, I needed to get this out. I was dissociating too much at work, and ready to kill SO over all this inability to vent.

It is hard to vent like this at work when the one thing you were using for all of your communication was shut down, albeit willingly. I am trying to find ways to save some $$. heck I am even tempted to open a new checking account with Bank of America just to get their $100 incentive package. I read the fine print. Everything seems typical, no "Firstborn child clause" or ahnything.


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This is funny to me, of course, since this is one things SO says to me all the time.  I like the fact that he does point out easier ways to do things; hopefully one day he will lose the condescencion. 

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I am staying on her for the day since I am trying to avoid Facebook.  My MIL's friend found me on there, and started to talk to me.  Then she told MIL I was on there.  She naturally assumes that since I have all the time in the world today, I might want to drive down there and go to Kohl's with them.  Which I would not mind, but this place is disgusting.  I have SLOWLY begun the taskm of cleaning up after my SO, but it all seems so daunting.  He is SUUCH a slob and has no problem living in filth, and yet I do.  I cannot stand it.  Not that I am a neat nick but he does expects a maid to do everything for him.  *yes, me!*


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