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After waiting 6 weeks for the $$ to come, after price-shopping for everything under the sun, and going without "extras" like razors and burrito shells, and after numerous fights about $$.......SO's unemployment checks came in.  6 weeks worth.  $1200.  I know it is not really all that much, but I'M HAPPY!!  Now I can bring all of the bills up to date that I had to put on hold.  Also, SO can pay to get his drivers license reinstated.  And, of course, back Child support. 

The checks were printed on 9/9/09.  I would like to say this was a coinsidence, but I did participate in a mass "money cleansing" prayer one of my friends sent me.  The prayer is below.  call me crazy since normally I just trash these emails but hey!  Something happened.  

Then we are looking at the checks and they have this 8 question questionnaire.  The usual questions: Did you try to find work?  Did you actually work?  Did you receive money in exchange for work?  Did you sit on your ass and play video games some days? --> (points to SO).  So, SO tells me that this was the purpose of the interview on Tuesday.  I then asked him, "You know, I told you to go online to answer this questionnaire 5 weeks ago.  Did you?"  He just gave me a dumb stare.

All this time I thought his job was giving him hell, but now I know it was his lazy sorry behind.  It's ok things worked themselves out.  Now, I wonder how we are gonna cash these checks since SO's driver's license is expired?       

EDIT: That poor sun in the mood section is really getting a workout!


Prayer to Cleanse the Currency )


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