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Today, twit said something to me today about getting "color" on my skin. I had a mild case of sunburn on my face, scalp and arms. What I actually said was " Yes, I was walking for MS on the beach."

What I should have said was, "Well, at least I did not pay $8 to look stupid!" Her dumb ass goes to the tanning salon every week to get a base burn. Stupid, I could stand over a fryolator and do the same thing.

There is another thing that she does all the time that #*$(*(%$# annoys me. The damn girl refuses to use her damn IM. She needs to ANOUCE TO THE WHOLE WORLD that she wants to talk to the young male coworkers. She needs to go and visit my worker all the time, who sits next to me, and then shove her ass right in my face. Yeah, she really is starting to annoy me, but hey! I feel better knowing full well that I am not the only one. I feel sorry for her. I mean, people at my job thinks she gave head to get ahead. I never knew anyone like that, like the stereotype ladykiller/ well, now I know women like that still exist. Oh well, gotta get back to WEEEERRRKKK!. With my non-fryolator-caused tan-burn, and my hair that is slowly being bleaches my the sun itself.

Mnetal note: Watch the Pac-Man video again. Seems so stupid, but so damn funny. Also, I was kinda offended that he purposefully knocked people over. But hey! It happened in france, so not here.

Last night, we visited mary Jane as a celebration of 4:20. I was so spaced out I could not move. It felt so good not to be able to think. Then, I got this grewat idea to look for "Sponge Bob" on the tv - he's gotta be funny at this point. It did not start out so fun - my beau forgot to leave a note as to where he was, and he did not get home until 10PM....according to him, he was celebrating 4:20 witjh his buddies in a corvette right outside the Howell mcDonalds. He's an idiot. Oh well, I don't need to visit Mary Jane all the time like he does.


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