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I was at my job today sorting out customer complaints and something caught my eye.  2 people called in today stating that they wanted our company to stop running ads during Glenn Beck's show.  That he is a racist.  That he and all of FOX NEWS is sending our country into a Nazi hell.  Normally that stuff just makes me laugh; the way I see it, how did they customer know he was a racist bigot unless they watched his show?  But it was weird to me that 2 people called in, one after another.  So, I found out a bit of information about it:

The first link was the actual video referenced in the boycott.  The second one is a link to explain the controversy and the boycott.
I don't know if I agree with Glenn Beck i general, as I don't have cable tv so I don't watch FOX news unless I am over my parents house (forced viewing).  What bothers me is that Al Franken can publish a book about "Lying Liars" and Keith Olbermann can spew leftist hatred all he wants and nobody boycotts them.  Ever.  Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist and supposedly, 20 sponsers stop running their ads on his shows.  So, when did freedom of speech become a freedom for only the left wing?  This makes me so mad.  The worst part is, trying to explain this to anyone else (but on here) and people at my job thought I was a racist myself.  

So far, only thing it did was boost Glen Becks ratings, and the sponsers who said they pulled out actually never played ads there to begin with.  It just gets me so mad that people forget freedom of speech is a right for ALL..... 

As I posted in my Facebook today: believes that freedom of speech should always be a right. Even if you don't agree with the pinhead who said it. Anyone who acts on those words blindly should be shot and neutered.
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Yeah. That is the line they should feel all Caucasian (and caucasian looking) people whenever they will be on TV.  I dunno if proper "vetting" or what is needed, or a hearty helping of common sense.

Political Rant )

Oh well, that is all I can rant about for now.  I am definetly thinking of leaving the comm, but I would do it quietly.  No "floucing" or whatever they call it for me.  And not just over 1 entry.  Recently, the entire comm has turned into a "Which racial subset has the most suffering" contest.  I am all about losing the "us versus them" Mentality and let everyone live together in peace, love and happiness.  I know I am a big working hipie at heart. 
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Sobering.  This is the only word that I can use for the following episode: 30 Days: Minimum Wage.  Morgan Spurlock, the guy from "Supersize Me", is the guy behind this whole series of "30 Days". 

the episode itself )

I approached this episode with a completely open mind - not judging anyone for not owning a car or living in a so-called "bad area".  (Edit: me saying that alone makes me sound like an ignorant white person).  I was so shocked at the fact that in this country, this country that still is a symbol of prosperity, that people are forced to live like this.  No wonder welfare and drugs would look good at that point - being that you feel as if there is no way out.  I mean they lived like this for 30 days - I cannot imagine having to live like this for life.  Now, I understand.  Kinda.   

Keep in mind, as I am watching this, I am not living the high life.  I live in a 400 square foot jr 1 bedroom.  A stuido with an incomplete wall.  I live here with my boyfriend.  Due to space constraints, we sleep on a twin bed.  This is not easy, since I am not a skiny person by any means, but it was easier than sharing a bed with a 300 pound exboyfriend (I was 50 lbs skinnier myself at that point).  I live on less than $2500 a month for myelf and less than $1000 additional from my boyfriend.  I have learned to cook a lot more.  Also, I had to think about the way I spend $$ all the time.  I sitll end up going through my savings, tho I have no plans to spend the rest of the littel $$ I have left.  Granted, before I got into my accident, I had no reason to spend $700 either. 

First of all, I realize now a lot of places where I am pissed $$ away.  Every day at work, they order out for lunch at the end of the month (when people's $$ runs out on their cards).  Also, I went out last night - albeit to spend time with my friend KD.  She only likes to spend time with me when we are having dinner/lunch.  Also, it cannot be at my place - we need to eat out.  I spent $97.  Granted, it was $15 KD.  Also, I had a $50 gift card.  Which was the reason that I chose Fridays in the first place.  But still - I have plently of food at home.  I had no reason to go out.  It is just a natural thing to want to get out of your surroundings and explore.  I think I have it a little too spoiled, and use my car for all its worth.  Which is good, but I can see that I gotta limit it.  Also, I have 3 ways to enjoy anything I want to watch on TV -, Cable TV and Netflix.  I forgot the real reason I enjoy TV - to learn.  

Another 30 days: life on a Navajo Ranch )  

Why American Life Can Suck )

Then I sit and stare at my boyfriends computer and wonder, what is the asnwer?  I tried living poor, and homeless, and while it is a great start, it does nothing for anyone.  Now, I can finally see why I have been reading "The body sacred".  The whole idea that resonates through the book, besides the idea to rise above the likes of Macy's Jenny Craig and Estee Lauder, is to live in a connected state.  What are we feeling now?  Why am I eating this crappy food?  Why am I so stressed out all of the time?  Why am I living in such an unhealthy state?  Why do I feel so guilty for doing something that makes me feel good, and is there any way to enjoy it?  Today, I will think about all that I have learned.  

Wow, it is noon already.  I keep waiting for the morning sun to warm up, forgetting for a moment I am in NJ and the warmest it will be is like, 40 degrees.  It is cloudy out, which is the reason for no beaming sunlight.  Well, I have a lot to think about today.  Hmm, maybe visiting that native American store might be a good thing - although, in this economy, it is a wise decision to ensure it is still in business. 



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