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I was at my job today sorting out customer complaints and something caught my eye.  2 people called in today stating that they wanted our company to stop running ads during Glenn Beck's show.  That he is a racist.  That he and all of FOX NEWS is sending our country into a Nazi hell.  Normally that stuff just makes me laugh; the way I see it, how did they customer know he was a racist bigot unless they watched his show?  But it was weird to me that 2 people called in, one after another.  So, I found out a bit of information about it:

The first link was the actual video referenced in the boycott.  The second one is a link to explain the controversy and the boycott.
I don't know if I agree with Glenn Beck i general, as I don't have cable tv so I don't watch FOX news unless I am over my parents house (forced viewing).  What bothers me is that Al Franken can publish a book about "Lying Liars" and Keith Olbermann can spew leftist hatred all he wants and nobody boycotts them.  Ever.  Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist and supposedly, 20 sponsers stop running their ads on his shows.  So, when did freedom of speech become a freedom for only the left wing?  This makes me so mad.  The worst part is, trying to explain this to anyone else (but on here) and people at my job thought I was a racist myself.  

So far, only thing it did was boost Glen Becks ratings, and the sponsers who said they pulled out actually never played ads there to begin with.  It just gets me so mad that people forget freedom of speech is a right for ALL..... 

As I posted in my Facebook today: believes that freedom of speech should always be a right. Even if you don't agree with the pinhead who said it. Anyone who acts on those words blindly should be shot and neutered.
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I havce so much to do, so much to say, so much to clean, so much to vent about. And right now, my mind is but a blur.


Black in America )

Ahh that was nice to get out after stewing about this all week. Wow. 3AM. Apparently, I needed to get this out. I was dissociating too much at work, and ready to kill SO over all this inability to vent.

It is hard to vent like this at work when the one thing you were using for all of your communication was shut down, albeit willingly. I am trying to find ways to save some $$. heck I am even tempted to open a new checking account with Bank of America just to get their $100 incentive package. I read the fine print. Everything seems typical, no "Firstborn child clause" or ahnything.


Twister )

This is funny to me, of course, since this is one things SO says to me all the time.  I like the fact that he does point out easier ways to do things; hopefully one day he will lose the condescencion. 

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Yeah. That is the line they should feel all Caucasian (and caucasian looking) people whenever they will be on TV.  I dunno if proper "vetting" or what is needed, or a hearty helping of common sense.

Political Rant )

Oh well, that is all I can rant about for now.  I am definetly thinking of leaving the comm, but I would do it quietly.  No "floucing" or whatever they call it for me.  And not just over 1 entry.  Recently, the entire comm has turned into a "Which racial subset has the most suffering" contest.  I am all about losing the "us versus them" Mentality and let everyone live together in peace, love and happiness.  I know I am a big working hipie at heart. 


Apr. 4th, 2009 01:45 am
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So, like, one of my coworkers had his last day today.  I really did not know the guy much, although he was part of my team at work for a long time.  We would exchange comments every once in a while about why a "white" girl would end up in "his" neck of the woods (he is African American), which is Plainfield, NJ  Other that that, I really did not pay much attention to him.  I put my $3 in for a party donation, and ate a slice of pizza.  Apparently, there was also a party being held tonight in his honor.  I really did not care, as I was not invited in the first place, and again, I did not know him. 

I sit next to the boss, not by choice, and I had to hear all about the party, the details, where it was and for how long.  I could have done without the talk about the incessant talk of the party.  I tried not to let it bother me, since not everyone was going.  What bothered me was not so much the constant talk of the party, which kinda was expected; it was the way that people were looking at me, and then whispering the details of the party.  As if to make it painfully obvious that someone did not want me there.  How 8th grade.

Really, all this would not bother me so much if something stupidly similar did not happen last month.  See, we do monthly birthdays rather than each individual.  My birthday was in March.  I announced on Monday the 9th I was taking off the 12th and 13th.  I made sure everyone knew this (not knowing of the party itself; we try to surprise people) so that all of my duties could be fulfilled when I was gone.  The party went on, without me, even tho normally we wait until all people are there (there were months we waited almost a week for the party).  Not only that, but the lady who puts the party together added another person's name to the cake: her friend from another department.  We all know her, since 2 years ago she used to be part of our group; but again this is not done ever.

I don't know why the party coordinator person does not like me.  I understood that she was a very nice person when we first started working together.  Her parents are not the problem, as I have met her mother and that woman is an angel for helping her take care of her son.  I really don't know what her problem is; I thought excessive weed smoking was to make a nice person. 

Oh, yes, and here is the best part:  I sit there an work and care about my job.  At least, I try hard.  People know this at work, and they don't know why I try.  She does not even try.  She plays computer games at her desk, and goes on Facebook/Myspace, and uses her cell right on the floor (not allowed in the call center).  And she does this all within eyeshot of both bosses, and nobody bats an eye!  Nobody cares and it drives me nuts!  She also used to turn a lot of work away, saying she's overloaded when she was so NOT.  But whatever, I know the grass is greener on the other side.  I am happy to be too "paranoid" to visit those sites.  I just consider it that I am expendable, and I never want to get so cocky as to believe tha they could/would/should never replace me.  Besides, I do enough stuff to cure boredom.   

I had to rant about this here, since she is one of my "Facebook"friends (I couldn't NOT add her it would look bad.  And yes, she has a good fun positive side if she did not act like the corporate bully!)


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