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OK so my SO and SD are sitting on the computers. I am currently using SO's IPOD to listen to music and using my Versa to type this entry. I feel better knowing that if I wanted to walk to the park, I can. I am not attached to any machines (well I am they are just designed to be mobile).
I am wondering why I cannot get myself to clean this place. I kept thinking to myself how in the hell I got myself to clean in years past when I worked 70 hour weeks and had NO social life. Then it occured to me: the radio. I missed my shitty radio.
My Shitty Radio )

Ipod )
So, this is what I was missing all this time?  Really I do have a musical collection, and I am trying to reactivate it but Verizon is taking 7 days, (yes, 7) to reactivate my damn Rhapsody account.  Plus, I do love hearing the latest and greatest songs out there and if I am downloading music all the time, I cannot hear anything new.  Also, the station I used to listen to got cancelled earlier this year (106.3 modern rock at the jersey shore) and then the station I listened to after that became a top 40 station as well. As of NYC needed yet another top 40 station, but that is a rant for another day.  So, I am loving my new radio, at least for now.  Cannot wait to get the I-home so that I dont need to use just the headphones with one ear working anymore.   


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