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So, I called my boss from H&R Crock before to find out my hours for this weekend.  Apparently, I have none.  Yay!  Normally this would bother me, but I have worked every weekend since January.  Last year, my boss made me work every night plus every other weekend.  Alot of hours, I almost went bat crazy, since the store was so damn slow.  Now, my hours are limited to the weekends, and on slow weekends, I don't work.  This is the first weekend I don't have to work, since I have worked in three different stores this year. 

Normally, if I have at least 2 days off in a row when I was single, it meant automatic road trip.  Anywhere.  But, now I got a live-in boyfriend.  I am sure he would have no problem with me taking off, as long as he knew where I was going and I took my phone.  But a) I took off Thursday and Friday specifically to spend time with him b) I still have the rental car, and I am unable to leave NJ with it due my father being there (and using his CC for holding it, though I will most likely pay for the final rental) and c) I am saving my $$ for days FULLY above the freezing mark.  So, I spent most of the day sitting on the internet, watching my newly ordered cable tv.  I am beginning to wonder what I did before 172 - Planet Green and 27 - Discovery.  I admit it; I am a treehugging dork. 

Being that I have this time off, I feel the need to compile a list of things to get done that I normally cannot get done.  For example, reorganizing my apartment, get my taxes done, pay SO's child support (w/ his $$), clean out my paper drawer and mail out the packages I said I would, reorganizing my kitchen shelves, laundry.  About 6PM today, I ended up laying down for a nap: I had a serious migraine from watching cable TV and internet ALL day.  Even burning a candle proved to be too much; I ended up turning everything off for about one hour.  I then picked up one of the books I wanted to read, and start the projects in, this weekend: "The Body Sacred".  I wanted to start loving my body again.  This is important, because I do not want my SD to start hating her body from what I say about mine.  I can see bad habits on her already; she confesses to me that she will be full, and yet still want to eat.  This is when I take her plate away and save the food for later.  I have found that this is one of the most important dietary skills that people can develop, and yet nobody from my generation has it, since we were always taught about the "clean plate club".  Well, nobody is going to starve in China since I did not finish my vegetables.  But, we will save them for later so that people can use less in the family.  

Well, off to bed for an early day tomorrow.  My car will be home!! 


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