Aug. 9th, 2012 05:26 am
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Starting to understand why I am not into the whole "Fetlife" thing anymore.  I go on the site when I have to - that's about it.  And in the group I moderate.  That is about it.  Starting to realize that it is ok NOT to be the uber-social butterfly that everyone else seems to be. Also, even though I love sex, I am certainly past the age where I feel like having sex with everyone around me.  (Some of the events they host include group masturbation, and while this is perfectly fine for anyone who wants to attend.....I'm not game.)  I am especially over the NJ TNG group (The Next Generation).  I mean, I am already on the cusp for that group anyway, being 35.  Just kind of hard trying to bond with 20 year olds whose maturity level barely eeks above high school.  And even some of the older people (mid-late 20's) I have met in the group are very nice, but come off as .....shall I say....Fake?  Overly happy?  Socially in everyone's face?  

I finally figured out that while rough sex is definitely for me, and I am willing to try different flogs, whips and restraints, this lifestyle is definitely not a 24-7 gig for me.  Especially since I don't exactly feel comfortable sharing hotel rooms with random strangers having sex within 3 feet of me.  I guess that makes me a prude?  

Anyway, I'll be perfectly happy if my next event is the Geeky Kink Event.  I've got too many other events to go to in the meantime, plus a surprise birthday and a wedding.  ESPECIALLY since they are featuring 2 "TARDIS" bondage devices!!  That's so geeky in a good way!!


Although, I'll be honest.  I can do without the Pokemon tournaments and the re-creation of certain Pokemon stuffs.  


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