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and they wonder why I hate my job......


So, yesterday Pigface intimated that it is a bad thing I am talking with my coworkers.  I am trying to socialize with my coworkers, which is what I thought she WANTED.  No.  She is afraid I get "offended".  I finally told her that the only thing that truly is when he calls me a racist.  and isn't joking about that. because there is no defence to that.  I'm not the type to say, "I can't be a racist; I have black friends.". sorry.  she said nothing back.  whatever.


so today I came in and Skanky was asking me distances from various cities and.freaking out at the distance.  so I finally asked what she go see.  "the Jason mraz/ Christina Perri" concert".  ok...not really my cup of Tea in terms of concerts but whatever.. so my asshole coworker, who of course never heard of any group outside of rap/ hip hop/ r& b asked what he sounded like.  I pulled up a YouTube video for him, he listened and stated the following:


Typical white people music.


So being that I am so used to him polarizing the races, i played it off by telling not to insult me, that my music is far more hardcore.  he's like, "I don't listen to that either.". I don't give a Fuck.  I just don't want people to think I listen to soft music.  I mean, I do, on nights.when I just need to chill out and get rid of a headache.  but not to go to a concert.


I really should be more offended by his racist fueled idiocy...but I'm just done.  ugh. 


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ok.  mental note to self.  mi ex SOB is a.tool.  texts me: "did you put a restraining order on me?". uh, no for the record I didn't and GK didn't.  So who did?   .  who else was this fool stalking?  of course he won't tell me.  fucking jackass.

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Aug. 8th, 2012 03:14 pm
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So I was in the middle of working on a Spanish client (this is a normal day for me) and I realized that while I was on Topamax, I had to use the so-called translator website much more often then.  Now, I write everything down and just use it as a Spellchecker.  happy my skills are returning.  then that asshole coworker laughed as I was speaking Spanish to practice.  I'm pretty sure it was a coindence as I was speaking quietly, and his only claim to know Spanish is that his wife is half puertorican/African american and her grandmom speaks Spanish in her house.  I know he knows the usual-greetings, curse words, and references to sex drugs and violence. so how much he can speak it in a business setting, I got no clue. 


either way, it bothered me i cared about his opinion.  for goodness sakes, I got a bilingual coworker who obviously respects my knowledge enough to use some of my vocabulary (I've known this man since I got here and wished he was in DEF longer.). why do I care about THIS assholes opinion?  eh, whatever.  I just feel so much better that I don't need to use that translation site like a Damn crutch.  especially since translation sites in general are crap.  This one I found is at least decent.


as I sit here and complain about the Spanish customer, my brain starts to write a new client in Spanish - only that client is purely enlgish speaking.  Whoops!!


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Today serves as a further reminder that I need to experience life outside NJ.  And why do u ask?  What is so craptastic about NJ?  Well, let's see. 
- You actually have to pay to go anywhere.  Not just gas; the two main highways that criss cross the state are toll roads.  Also, in order to leave the state, you have to pay another toll.  And forget going to NYC.  The cheapest way for me to go to NYC is by bus from my place, and that is $25.  Otherwise, I take a train and pay more for parking.  I did not even get into paying for touristy stuff in NYC since, it is to be expected that stuff is uberexpensive. 
- You have to pay for parking.  I have learned to suck up the inevitable parking meters in practically every city.  What I'm talking about is the $10 or more parking spots at the shore.  I know I need to expect paying $20 or more for parking in a major city.  but the shore?  wtf??
- you need to pay to use the beach.  Sometimes as much as $10 for a day pass. 


Imagine my surprise when I went to California, went to the Santa Monica Pier, and asked, "How much are beach tags?". Nothing.  Squat.  Zilcherino.  I didn't even pay for parking!!  not even a meter!!  In LA, which I am sure is overpriced in its own regard but still. 
not that I would live in or move to LA.  Maybe San Diego but I.gotta try the place out. or Anywhere on the West coast. 


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