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Aug. 23rd, 2012 11:13 pm
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Post something daily someone said.  

It will get your creative writing juices flowing, they said.  

Well, I am trying.  Feeling much better that I let all of those thoughts on a computer screen.  Not much has happened since last night.  Stupid #(*R(#U#)U%$)#U$)U# credit card, Kohl's, took an extra payment out AGAIN.  Now I am flat broke.  But I get paid tommorrow. Of course, they are idiots for withdrawing the money for an account that already has a credit balance.  Oh well.

Been thinking about my friend SP and his new gf.  I guess I feel hurt he dropped the collective us like a hot potato.  And I am worried for him.  But, as I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get to my prince, I hope that this is his princess.  And if not, I hope he sees the light before he is flat broke.

Listening to the sounds of chirping crickets and my exhaust fan as well as 105.5, the rock station.  Looking over various bills; but since I get paid tomorrow, I will need to look them over better after this weekend.  

OMG I HAVE A DATE TOMORROW!!!  My goodness I haven't had one since that bipolar Mexican dude took me out and never called again.  Asshat.  And to think, that was my first "date" in 7 years.  MAN.....What am I gonna wear?  Dayum decisions decision. 

I found out a friend had a free ticket for a rock concert tomorrow night but...well, date takes precidence.  I kinda want to say to him, "Look pal, if you don't show I will be PISSED and you don't piss off a witch!!"  But I won't, because quite frankly I don't want to scare him.

Debating whether to take my date clothes with me to work or just dress like the date for work.  I mean, I'm not wearing formal clothing but I do want to look nice.  And bringing my makeup bag, of course!! Gotta remember to leave that shit in the trunk so it doesn't melt.  Oh....I should do my nails.  Totally.  If I can remember my tonight.   Oh, and pedegg my feet.  They are ashy.

SOB asked me to call him after work.  He wants to know where "we stand".  I am now thoroughly convinced he contacts me when he is either drunk or high.  Because some weeks it is all the time and some weeks it is never.

And really SOB??  You want to know where we stand?  That's a loaded question.  But I tell you, I can see clearer now about everything than I could in months.  Damn drugs.  Finally seeing that SOB was holding me back.  Err rather, I was allowing myself to let me hold him back.

Here I sit.  I made two resolutions this year.  I wanted to lose weight (40 lbs down!!) and I wanted to get my bills in order.  Now, both processes are slow going.  Yes, I know.  But this debt and this weight didn't accumulate in a day.  So it won't come off in a day.  

Besides, I think of it this way.  Including tomorrow's payment, I'll have three payments left to pay Chase off.  A $2500 balance, and a $500 balance, paid!!!  Yay debt be gone.  Also, My Kohl's is already paid.  And a lot of my bills are shrinking really fast since I've been throwing all of my $$ at them.  After October's Chase payment, all of my bills will be shrinking much faster.  So yay for that.  

In terms of weight, I will need to clean this place from top to bottom and even see if I can get this stupid vacuum thing working again.  I can't have men coming over here thinking I am dirty.  Ewww. That's a workout right?  Between that and not going anywhere (except for my date tomorrow), I will save both money and lose pounds I hope.
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