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So, yeah, just got off with my online banking. Thought I was gonna have a breakdown. See, I just got paid so all should be well, right? HAHAHA Thought I saw 2 payments going through to the rent people, not one. Hey wait a second - I got more bills to pay!!! Gosh I cannot wait until next paycheck, already!

Well, I can see that my SO finally did the pile of dishes sitting in the sink. I am so proud of him, he is slowly growing up! He even sees that I am home so he will take a break from FPS games and actually apply for jobs. Oh wait, I got to check to see if I won the lottery. The first time I bought in a LOOONG while. Well it was the first time that my office had a pool for it - that's really the only time I ever buy, since I do consider it to be a waste of time and savings. Trying to get onto the Megamillions website, and it is slow as sin. I cannot even blame my boyfriend this time since he is not online paying games. FINALLY!! It comes up. But with no numbers on the "results" page. I mean, wtf is the results page there for if it does not have results? Grrr.....try again. Ok, I won $2 so $2 / 15? 13 cents woohoo!!

SD is currently complaining we have nothing to eat here. We got flour water eggs sugar rice sofrito, I can safely say I can make breakfast out of it. She does not want anything. She does not like "OUR" pancakes. Ok then, starve child. (she's not starving dont worry).

Then she asks, "Why did you tint the screen so much?" For nosy 13 yos not to read what I am writing. :p It's ok, hormones are all the rage, right?

So is talking about moving to Texas yet again. I have had to learn that he is stuck in stall - all talk and no action. Meanwhile, I try not to say anything until the action happens. I am looking forward to moving to Texas tho, if it happens. But in a major city so my socially liberal behind is not alone

Vaaction to a Hot Sunny 3rd World Paradise )

SD is STILL hungry and does not see any food here she likes. Like some cheese with your wine? We have food. I am willing to make it for her (or, she is 13, she can mix it in a bowl and make it herself, she likes cooking...)but she does not want it. Grrr

Well, let's see, today is 100% guarantee it will rain. So, I guess I got a lot of stuff I got to do today. Laundry, cleaning, and all that fun stuff. Plus, maybe preparing for tomorrow when hopefully we will sell a lot of junk for $$. At least I got a break of work until monday!

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I was just reading an entry on how another stepmother's bio parents let her do all of the grunt work as a parent, because they were too lazy to do it.  Then why give birth?  W are not running out of humans on this planet.  Matter of fact, I would daresay we need a little clorination of the gene pool. 

The other thing is, I am a weirdo.  I am Pagan, and have different values than other people in this world that consider themselves "Christian".  Therefore I would not want for anyone else to teach my kids certain values.  I mean, yes, potty-training is potty-training.  There is no religious aspect to this.  But even the simple things that you do with kids influence them.  I remember when SO and I first started dating and we took SD to the ocean all the time.  The beach is a godsend, esp state park beaches that do not have a boardwalk.  So, we are playing with the waves, and she was commenting how big they were (that day there were 2-4 ft swells, nothing too major).  And I told her the waves were 10x bigger in California. And I could hear her in the distance, telling people this when I walked away.  Something so little and it affected her.  

Especially when it comes to sex, and drugs, and religion, I do not want anyone but myself telling them about it.  The last thing I was is a born-again Christian telling my kids that sex is a sin, and it is evil, if you do it before marriage you will go to hell.  yeah, that type of shit will not fly with me.

Well, I am pretty much done with the budget for the week.  I am definetly going to need to sacrifice for the next few weeks, esp since SD will need clothes and such for back-to school.  Don't even want to go there at this point, since I do need to start thinking about what I do and do not need for my own self (shoes, bras, etc).  Well the bathroom is calling my name, but I might do it after both of us take our morning showers.  I also got to work on personal goals and such.  Never did that before, and actually made an impact so, I def gotta get to work.   
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So, like, I have been stewing all nght about Tiara abnd her internet situation. I wonder if this is why her grandmother/father took away her computer in the first place? I guess than it would be beneficial that she uses their computer to monitor the use of all of her internet sites. If it were me, I would not want my kid to have their own computer until they are about 13 anyway, possibly 16. You would not allow them to just run around the mall alone, woul you? I don't get it. But anyway. Ira thinks it is her sister's doing,t hat she is too innocent fdor this. Jenn thnks it is her sister as well, since one of Tiara's listed hero's is her sister (strange for a 12 yo). But rather than work on my first instinct, which was to completely strangle her, I want to kind of assist her in navegating the waters. And if she wants her own myspace, she can change it to be 14 & under rather than 34 years old. So, another requirement is that I have to be friends with her so that I can see her profile. I want to know what she is doing at all times.

Funny how my mind can be so easily distracted with shiny and exciting objects. My Avon order came in today, yaaaaaay!! It's like a present, but you bought it yourself so you KNOW that you wanted it in the 1st place. Oh, yes, and it came wuith....BUBBLE WRRAP!!! now I gotta find a way to poop this wrap without being to conspicuous!

yesterday was fun until the discovery of the internet. Tiara and I went to an "outdoor festival" in Turkey Swamp opark in Freehold. She had fun climbing the rock wall, and we had fun taking a boat out o the lake. abnd we especially had fun Kayaking.


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